Dealing a Drug Possession Case with Criminal Attorney

When you are charged with drug possession charges, it can become very serious. Drug possession charges are very difficult to handle. This is because if you are found guilty it can make you face severe punishment like a long jail term or a severe fine. So if you have been charged with a drug offense like possession of drugs for personal use or with the intent to sell or distribute it, you will definitely need to take the help of an experienced criminal attorney for fighting your case.

In Canada, possession of any kind of drugs like heroin, marijuana, etc can leads to severe form of punishment such as 180 days of jail or huge fine that can amount to $ 5000 and more. However, the law varies from first-time offenders to repeated offenders. However, if you are not guilty and you have been framed, you will definitely need to take the help of an expert criminal attorney. The lawyer will chalk out a strong defense strategy which can help you to easily overcome the charges.

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To Hire or Not To Hire a Lawyer

Many people when charged with a drug possession charge consider fighting the case on their own. But this is not a right move. It is always better to have a legal expert by your side. Moreover a criminal attorney who is specialized in fighting drug possession charge will make sure you are given the chance to prove your innocence. Added to that, they will try to protect your rights and see to it that the charge doesn’t affect your reputation.

How the Lawyers Deal with Drug Crimes?criminal lawyer toronto

  • The basic strategy used by defense attorney is to put the liability on the prosecution to bring the evidences. The prosecution will try to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the accused was in possession of the drug. Here, the defense attorney will try to prove them wrong.
  • They will ensure the law enforcement officials didn’t abide by the due process of law. For example, the search or the seizure was not done correctly. In order to search drugs no force has been used conceiting that a suspect may not allow permission for search. Then it won’t be considered as evidence.
  • The criminal attorney will carry out independent investigation and research which can help them to defend their clients.
  • Moreover, the defense attorney can cross examine the witness and the evidences brought by the prosecution. If the evidence provided by the prosecution is not strong, the criminal lawyer can get the case dismissed.
  • Criminal attorney will ensure that the drug has been sent for crime analysis. In the court the crime lab analyst will need to appear for his testimony of the drug.

Fighting a federal drug crime is more serious than a state crime as it carries serious penalties. Thus, when you are facing a drug possession charge, you must immediately take the help of an expert criminal attorney who are well-acquainted with the rules of evidence. Thereby, they can help you to get your case dismissed.

Sponsor Your Family to Canada with the Guidance of Sponsorship Lawyer

Sponsor Your Family to Canada with the Guidance of Sponsorship Lawyer

Do you want your family or relatives to settle in Canada? Staying away from your near and dear ones can be quite heartbreaking for some people. With Canada’s immigration program, family members can easily reunite with other members who reside or have settle in Canada. Canada offers various types of immigration program for the people who want to immigrate to the country. One such program for family members is Family Class Sponsorship Program However, in order to help a family member immigrate to Canada with this program, any Canadian or permanent resident must take the help of sponsorship lawyer.

Immigrating through Family Class Sponsorship

If any of your family members resides in Canada then they can easily sponsor you to become a Canadian permanent resident. However, one should note that under family class immigration program only close family members can be sponsored.

Usually, family class sponsorship is applicable for:

  • Dependent minors and adopted children
  • Common-law partners and conjugal partners
  • Parents and Grandparents
  • Spouses

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Why Take the Guidance of A Lawyer?

The Family Class Sponsorship Program enables a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of the country, above 18 years of age to sponsor a family member for immigrating and settling in Canada. However, the sponsorship program is governed by many rules such as who can sponsor and whether they are financially stable or not.

Thus, when dealing with sponsorship application process, it is essential to have an experienced Canadian sponsorship lawyer by your side. As the government of Canada changes its rules and regulations regarding Canadian immigration, the immigration lawyers keep the client updated and help them with paperwork.

How They Guide You?

  • Immigration lawyers will help the sponsor to understand their responsibilities. The sponsor will need to sign an agreement and pledge that they will look after the family members once they settle in Canada. Only when a person is financially stable, they should sponsor their family members.
  • Sponsorship lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the requirements, which need to be met in order to have a successful sponsorship application. They will ensure that the clients fill the form correctly and without mistakes.
  • They will ensure proper documents are attached with the application so that it is not delayed or rejected by the immigration authorities.
  • If needed, an immigration lawyer can help clients prove their relations with the sponsored so that the application process is not delayed.
  • IRCC can refuse a sponsorship application for various reasons. When your application gets rejected, an immigration lawyer can help you understand why it happened. However, a sponsorship lawyer can help clients by providing them the options available in front of them. For example, they can appeal against the refusal in the Federal court within 30 days of rejection or re-apply again.

The role of sponsorship lawyer is that of a counselor to the immigrants or foreign nationals, who want their loved ones to immigrate to Canada. They can assist clients in all steps of the family class sponsorship program so that the application is accepted. Once the application is approved, you can unite with your family members.

Student Visa Lawyer Can Help You with Visa Refusals

Canada is one such country that welcomes more than 3,00,000 students from foreign countries each year. With numerous student visa applications being filed, the Canadian government has implemented some important changes with the process of obtaining a visa and a study permit. However, one unfortunate event that can happen in the life of a student is when their Canadian visa application gets rejected. Well, it can be the most traumatizing experience for a student. In order to avoid visa refusals, the best bet is to hire an experienced student visa lawyer, who can assist students during the process of immigration application.

Studying in Canada provides numerous advantages to students. It can help them to stay in Canada on a temporary or permanent basis, gain valuable skills. With the help of post-graduate work permits, students can work in Canada.

However, the process of immigrating and studying in Canada is long one. Students need to get a study permit and once they get the permit they need to file a visa application form. Filling a visa application form can lead the application to get rejected or refused.


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Application Refused? Don’t Panic

If you received a mail on the fact that your Canadian visa application has been refused, don’t start to panic. Your application might have been rejected as it is not filled properly or is not having necessary documents. This is the reason why taking the help of a student visa lawyer is very important. Immigration lawyers being skilled and knowledgeable can assist the students in their paperwork and filling the visa application form correctly. This will reduce the chance of an application getting rejected.


Legal Recourse

In case, your Canadian visa or immigration application gets refused, you can take the help of legal recourse. By taking the help of a student visa lawyer or immigration lawyer, you can learn about the various options available in front of you. They are:

  • Students are eligible to place an appeal against Canadian Immigration Application Refusal in front of Federal Court within a certain period.
  • Make a request for restoration to the Case Processing Center (CPC)
  • An appeal can be made to the Immigration Adjudication Division (IAD) within a period once the application gets refused.


Reapply or Appeal against Visa Refusal

When an application for Canadian immigration is submitted, immigration officer reviews the application and decides if the application should be denied or approved. They use specific guidelines. Student visa lawyer can easily appeal a refusal in a federal court and can point out the flaws made by immigration officer. This would help in winning the case. However, in case study permit or visa application refusal case does not win at the federal court, the best line of action is to consider reapplication.

Whenever an immigration or visa application gets refused, it is important to consult a student visa lawyer immediately. Any sort of delay can lead you to lose your appeal rights. They will assess your situation and discuss with you the options. By taking the help of lawyers, students can successfully appeal for their refused application and show that they can qualify for the course of the study.