Customer care

Legal Action is a firm with impeccable reputation. Our integrity as a paralegal firm is based, above everything else, on one fundamental principle – our customers are our biggest and most valuable asset!

The firm was built on that over the years, and now the amount of new business that we get from referrals is the best evidence to the viability of this principle. Legal Action is that kind of firm that will go an extra mile (or ten!) to make things work for you!

The hours of free consulting that we provided to our customers or simply people who got into trouble and needed an urgent legal lifeline are already counted in dozens. It’s been estimated that we have reduced people’s records by over 2 hundred demerit points! We like helping people because this always pays back – in repeat business, referrals or simply – good publicity, not to mention that we just love to feel good about helping people in need.

The long and the short of it all – if you are in a legal jam, call us or send an email! No trouble is too big or too small for us. We will cheer you up and will sort the matters out for you. Legal Action is a firm that can be trusted.