Dealing a Drug Possession Case with Criminal Attorney

When you are charged with drug possession charges, it can become very serious. Drug possession charges are very difficult to handle. This is because if you are found guilty it can make you face severe punishment like a long jail term or a severe fine. So if you have been charged with a drug offense like possession of drugs for personal use or with the intent to sell or distribute it, you will definitely need to take the help of an experienced criminal attorney for fighting your case.

In Canada, possession of any kind of drugs like heroin, marijuana, etc can leads to severe form of punishment such as 180 days of jail or huge fine that can amount to $ 5000 and more. However, the law varies from first-time offenders to repeated offenders. However, if you are not guilty and you have been framed, you will definitely need to take the help of an expert criminal attorney. The lawyer will chalk out a strong defense strategy which can help you to easily overcome the charges.

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To Hire or Not To Hire a Lawyer

Many people when charged with a drug possession charge consider fighting the case on their own. But this is not a right move. It is always better to have a legal expert by your side. Moreover a criminal attorney who is specialized in fighting drug possession charge will make sure you are given the chance to prove your innocence. Added to that, they will try to protect your rights and see to it that the charge doesn’t affect your reputation. The video below shows us a top criminal lawyer from Toronto giving his insights. You can always find more information on

How the Lawyers Deal with Drug Crimes?criminal lawyer toronto

  • The basic strategy used by defense attorney is to put the liability on the prosecution to bring the evidences. The prosecution will try to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the accused was in possession of the drug. Here, the defense attorney will try to prove them wrong.
  • They will ensure the law enforcement officials didn’t abide by the due process of law. For example, the search or the seizure was not done correctly. In order to search drugs no force has been used conceiting that a suspect may not allow permission for search. Then it won’t be considered as evidence.
  • The criminal attorney will carry out independent investigation and research which can help them to defend their clients.
  • Moreover, the defense attorney can cross examine the witness and the evidences brought by the prosecution. If the evidence provided by the prosecution is not strong, the Criminal lawyer Montreal can get the case dismissed.
  • Criminal attorney will ensure that the drug has been sent for crime analysis. In the court the crime lab analyst will need to appear for his testimony of the drug.

Fighting a federal drug crime is more serious than a state crime as it carries serious penalties. Thus, when you are facing a drug possession charge, you must immediately take the help of an expert criminal attorney who are well-acquainted with the rules of evidence. Thereby, they can help you to get your case dismissed. Read this article on how you choose the best criminal defense attorney in Toronto.