Interesting Facts about Curiosity Investigation

Have you ever heard about curiosity investigation? If you have not, then you are in for a treat. In this article, some private Investigators in Mississauga will be talking about the different factors of curiosity investigation and how it affects the investigative process of the investigators. But first, let us know about what the curiosity investigation actually is.

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What Is Curiosity Investigation?

As the name suggests, it is an accumulation of different complex procedures that helps the investigator in collecting information and facts from people including the subject, complainant and the witnesses of a crime scene.

This type of investigation is necessary irrespective of the nature of the criminal act. The aim of conducting curiosity investigation is to gather facts that can become testimonial proof in an ongoing criminal trial.

Why Do You Need it?

The curiosity investigations help the best Private Investigator in Mississauga in building a crime scene from the scratch. This procedure is also very helpful in connecting scrambled facts to see the whole picture of an event. Over time, curiosity investigation has become one of the major successful processes of finding evidence as well.

Interviewing and Investigation

Interviewing the people is the more conventional and general process that helps the investigators carry forward an investigation. Interviewing people is the most important component of a curiosity investigation as it offers a verbal approval of the witnesses about the crime scene.

However, to make the most of it, the private investigators should prepare well for their interview. They should make a list of the people they should interview based on priority. Also, a private investigator should anticipate the requirements of the subject and prepare all the necessary documents that can help them to conduct the interview.

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Interviewing the Complainant

There are no hard and fast rules for preparing the questions for the interview. The investigator only has to make sure that the necessary questions must be targeted around the case they are investigating. Saying that, here is a list of questions which can be used in almost any interview process.

  • Who do you think has committed the crime?
  • Where did the crime take place?
  • What exactly happened?
  • How did you get affected by the event?
  • Do you know any of the relevant details about the case?

Interviewing The Subject?

This is a more delicate process than interviewing the witnesses. Before interviewing the subject, the investigator must conduct thorough research about the crime and the background of the subject before interviewing them. It is always better to interview the subjects after talking to the complainants.

During the interview, the PI must treat the subject with respect and equitability. Also, the investigator should not let the subject get the impression that the subject is guilty of the crime. The investigators should be aware of the corporate rules and always follow them while interviewing the subject.

Witness Interview

The witness interview should be conducted after the interview of the complainant as well as the subject is done. Before starting the interview, the investigator should let the witness know how crucial their contribution is to the process of the investigation. Even if the witness is reluctant to share the relevant information, with proper background questions and a friendly approach, the investigator can easily make them communicate.

All in all, the curiosity investigation process does not end once the interview process ends. Instead, the best Private Investigator in Mississauga combs through the information gathered during the interview process and finds out the details that have not been shared to start yet another round of interview.